Apply and enrol – getting started

Your application and enrolment are important first steps in your flight training with us. This information will help you to apply and enrol as quickly and easily as possible.


If you are already registered with us and familiar with our system you can jump right ahead and apply for a course now.

Our online application and enrolment system

We provide an online student system to make your application and enrolment with us as easy and fast as possible.


We recommend you use our system in the Google Chrome browser on a Windows PC, however most popular browsers may also be usable. Use of the system on mobile devices smaller than a medium-size tablet are not recommended. We cannot provide support to users with browsers or devices that are not recommended.


You can create your student account with us at any time. Our system will guide you through the application and enrolment steps. You can complete the process in stages and logout of the system at any point. When you login in again, the system will continue the process from the point where you last were.


The system will only ask you to provide information relevant to your specific course. Students applying for Tertiary Courses will be asked to provide information to comply with regulatory requirements.


You may be prompted to provide a number of documents to us during the process. The documents are to be in electronic form and uploaded into the system at various points. We accept all popular formats of electronic documents – eg MS-Word, PDF, JPEG (PDF is preferred wherever possible).

Application and enrolment steps for all students


  • Read through our course information and decide on the course/s that you want to apply for
  • Ensure that you can comply with the application and entry requirements for the course
  • Apply to enrol in one (or more) of our courses and provide us with relevant information and documents about yourself
  • We process your application and either accept it, ask you for further information, or decline it
  • We notify you of our decision by email and in your online account – usually within seven days of your application


This step only applies to some of our courses, where indicated.

  • We may require you to participate in pre-enrolment selection activities to assess your suitability for a course.
  • Your application will continue beyond this step if you complete these activities successfully and we assess you as being suitable and capable of completing the course.


This step only applies to some of our courses, where indicated.

  • We will send you a Letter of Offer and a Student Agreement
  • If you wish to accept the offer you then:
    • comply with any conditions stated in the Student Agreement
    • sign the documents and return them to us online
  • You are deemed to be enroled once we receive and accept your signed documents *
  • If you are an overseas student applying for a Tertiary Course:
  • We send you details of your first payment of fees (if applicable) and any actions you need to take to be eligible for the payment option you have selected
  • You commence training on the specified date

* Note – some courses have defined intake dates and we reserve the right to make changes to an intake under certain conditions.

Further information to be provided by overseas students

The system will also prompt overseas students who are intending to use a Student Visa to provide:

  • a photocopy of your passport identity page
  • a certified true copy of your educational certificates and academic records
  • your English language test results
  • two recent passport-sized photographs

These documents are mandatory and you will not be able to complete your application without them. We recommend having these documents ready (in electronic form) before you commence the application process. If your documentation is in a language other than English, you must provide an official certified translation.

Further information to be provided by domestic students using VET Student Loans


See our VET Student Loans information.

Need some help?

Please contact us if you require any other information or assistance – we’re here to help.

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