TasTAFE accommodation – return bus service

Version 1.1 | 22/01/2019

This information is for students who are staying at TasTAFE accommodation at the Clarence Campus and require transportation to Cambridge Aerodrome.

We provide a weekday return bus service for students as follows:

  • 8:15 am pickup from TasTAFE (Clarence), arriving at Par Avion (Cambridge) at 8:30 am
  • 4:45 pm (approximate) pickup from Par Avion (Cambridge), arriving at TasTAFE (Clarence) at 5:00 pm.

There are no fees for the use of this service.

Service bookings

We will ask you to inform us (before you commence study) of your intended use of the service. If your general use changes during your study, it is your responsibility to inform us of these changes.

It is your responsibility to notify the driver for the next day/s ahead if you do not intend to use the service for any specific pick-ups. This will ensure the drivers are not waiting for you unnecessarily.

If you are not ready for a particular pickup at the specified time, the driver is not obligated to wait for you.

Pickup location at TasTAFE Clarence

The pickup point is at the Metro bus stop on the internal road – just adjacent to the accommodation buildings (see the small blue square on the image below). Please be ready on-time for your pick-up. If there any issues on the day please call the driver or our office on 6248 5390.

We can allow for some flexibility with other pickups/drop-offs in the Bellerive and Rosny areas – subject to the discretion of the approved drivers.

Specific arrangements for 2019

Two students have taken on the responsibility of driving the bus for 2019. They are both experienced drivers specifically approved for this by Par Avion. The drivers will coordinate pickups with other students using the service.

The bus will also be made available to students after-hours and weekends for short local trips for shopping etc. Students can coordinate this with the approved drivers (only).

An internal email group has been created to facilitate communication. All students using the service are added to the group.

A page on the student portal under ‘lists’ provides a private list of all bus users and mobile numbers, including the drivers.