Vision, mission and values

Our vision

We aspire to be a premier training organisation, known and recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in aviation training.

Our mission

We are going to:

  • develop into a self-sustaining, profitable business with multiple income streams;
  • deliver high quality training that is recognised in the training/education field; and
  • be widely known as a training organisation of choice in the aviation industry.

Our values

We conduct ourselves with a strong commitment to:

  • integrity through being consistently honest, transparent and accountable for our actions;
  • the professionalism of our students and staff;
  • building quality and excellence through evaluation, feedback and continuous improvement;
  • being learner-focussed in everything we provide and do;
  • being innovative and efficient in how we do things;
  • safety as our top priority in everything we do; and
  • a fair and just culture for our students and staff.