About the company

Par Avion Flight Training (PAFT), a division of Airlines of Tasmania Pty Ltd, is part of Tasmania’s largest aviation company.


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Our History

Founded over 35 years ago, Airlines of Tasmania has been operating as a charter / airwork company in all states of Australia and throughout South East Asia and the Pacific. The company holds a Regular Public Transport Licence, with a fleet of over 20 aircraft. We own and operate Cambridge Aerodrome, Hobart’s general aviation airport.

Our Operations

Our operations are diverse and include:

  • Flying Training – with extensive licences, ratings, endorsements and flight testing
  • Registered Training Organisation providing accredited traiming to domestic and overseas students
  • Regular Public Transport (RPT) in and around Tasmania
  • Tourist charter flights into the remote Southwest National Park of Tasmania, including a wilderness camp on the shores of Bathurst Harbour, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
  • Helicopter tourist flights and charter services
  • Aircraft charter and aerial work operations throughout Tasmania
  • Simulators for pilot training and hire by the public

Our Fleet

We use a diverse fleet of aircraft that are well equipped and have advanced avionics for ab-initio/navigation training. A fleet of larger aircraft such as Piper Chieftains and Cessna Titans, provide students valuable experience in aeroplanes operated commercially throughout Australia. This experience could mean the difference when a student applies for their first flying job.

Our simulators

Simulator based learning is integrated into our training, providing an authentic and safe environment for practice and familiarisation. We have simulators approved for Instrument Training, as well as a Boeing 737 Simulator, (1:1 scale replica) for students to use.


We have both CAR30 and CASR Part 145 Maintenance approvals and our aircraft are serviced in accordance with the Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Maintenance Standards.


Company information

Par Avion Flight Training is a division of Airlines of Tasmania Pty Ltd.


ABN 15 009 510 847


ACN 009 510 847


Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 141 and Part 142 Flight Training Approvals


Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – provider code 40601


Registered as a provider of education to overseas students – CRICOS code 03593A



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