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Hobart/Cambridge Aerodrome

Hobart/Cambridge Aerodrome - YCBG

Tasmania's hub for general aviation

Par Avion Flight Training, through our parent company, own and operate Hobart/Cambridge Aerodrome – Tasmania’s general aviation hub.

The aerodrome is an Authorised Landing Area (ALA) open to the public for all aircraft <5700 KG MTOW. Please see the current AIP and ERSA for all details, however as an unlicensed aerodrome, please note that ERSA / NOTAM information is limited.

Hobart/Cambridge Aerodrome has three runways. All runways have lighting and approval is required by the aerodrome operator to use the aerodrome at night – due to local procedures.

Information on flying VFR outbound/inbound to Hobart/Cambridge Aerodrome is on Airservices Australia’s aeronautical charts.

AVGAS facilities are available, AVTUR is available, but this is on request only and supplies may be limited. Through Par Avion, FBO facilities are available, however a fee may apply for commercial operations. Prices for fuel, landing fees and parking fees are on our pilot services page.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.