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Par Avion Flight Training and the University of Tasmania are pleased to announce an extension of our partnership and exciting new study pathways for our students.

Students can commence with any of our Diploma of Aviation courses (commercial pilot, instrument-rating, flight-instructor) and ...gain substantial credit into Bachelor of Business degrees from the university - available in accounting, analytics, marketing, economics. finance, and people-&-organisations.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our past, current, and future students to build successful careers in aviation and business with a package of nationally recognised aviation diplomas and business degrees.

Find out more at https://paravion.edu.au/packages-pathways/

Congratulations to Archi on achieving his Private Pilots Licence. Archi will now be flying around Tasmania as pilot in command and carrying passengers. He is currently working towards his commercial pilots licence as part of the part time intake. Archi comes out to Par Avion once a week for theory... and then schedules his flying lessons around his employment. If you are like Archi and you are not ready to give up your day job to fly full time then the part time course is for you. Visit our website or call our office for payment options and further information

Invaluable learning experience! Students Ally and Zac went on a flyaway to Victoria with one of our instructors Ruby. These multi day navigation exercise are invaluable experiences for our students. They planned to fly from Hobart across bass strait to Moorabbin, ...Essendon and Bendigo and returning back to Hobart the following day. This fly away was an absolute adventure. Working out how much fuel we can carry, when we will need to refuel, how to navigate through different airspace, and also practicing diversions, lost procedures and simulated emergencies. On the second day our plans changed multiple times as the weather was not looking desirable in Melbourne. With some excellent last minute planning we where on our way and racing last light back to Hobart. Touching down as planned 10 mins before last light. Both students are not far away from attaining their Private pilots licences ✈️

Some recent shots from Boy’s adventures soaring around the sky’s of Tasmania. The second photo of Boy and his father pretty much sums up how we all feel when taking family and friends flying for the first time. A memory that won’t be forgotten and will be shared for many years to come ✈️

Last week Tom went solo for the first time and today he did solo circuits from start up to shut down. Tom is a private student who drives down from up north to get his flying fix. Congratulations on your progress thus far. We look forward on working todays your Private pilots licence with you.

Matt has recently attained his Recreational pilots licence. Since then he has been private hiring our C172 to take friends and family up to see how incredible Hobart is from above! Congratulations Matt!

Congratulations Michael on achieving your Commercial pilots licence. Michael and his class mates have all completed their CPLs and are now doing further training with us to attain their multi engine instrument ratings and instructor ratings. Enjoy the next phase of your training ...🧑‍✈️✈️👩‍✈️

Did you know we do a Hobart City Scenic Flight? Only $179 and yes gift vouchers available https://www.paravion.com.au/hobartcityscenic/

Our latest intake of Instrument Rating students doing a Diploma of Aviation get a tour of Hobart Airport today!

Some of the delicious food and beverages we provide at our Southwest Wilderness Camp, find out more at https://www.paravion.com.au/southwest-wilderness-camp/

Shaz started flying with us in 2021. He came with a PPL and was ready to improve his skills. Shaz started off by completing his multi engine class rating and just last week he topped it off with his instrument rating! Shaz you can officially now fly into cloud ⛅️ Congratulations! We hope to see... Shaz back in the future to complete his CPL

Yesterday, one of our boats “Wilderness Explorer 1” was brought around the south coast to Hobart for maintenance and new engines - what a sensational day and included a brief pop into Maatsuyker Island! Thanks to Peter Marmion for the photos #paraviontas #twwha #swtas #discovertasmania

Join us at our last camp of the winter from the 29-31 August. 2021 rates apply for this camp at $2495pp. Call us at the office on 6248 5390 or email reception@paravion.com.au to secure your spot.

Over the past few months Kyron has been studying hard and flying regularly as he worked his way to attaining a Private Pilots Licence. Kyron is now able to carry passengers and fly around Australia. Congratulations Kyron 🎉

Congratulations Caleb! You are now a commercial pilot 🧑‍✈️ Caleb has started working towards his multi engine aeroplane class rating and will also complete an instrument rating which means he will be able to fly into cloud. Good luck with your future flying endeavours ✈️