CASA courses – Par Avion Flight Training

Par Avion Flight Training

CASA courses

Licences, endorsements & ratings


Recreational Pilot

Learn to fly at your pace and pay-as-you-go


Extend your wings to fly where you want, with passengers

Commercial pilot

Start your career here - flexible study options

Commercial upgrade

Leverage your experience - take the step into a career


Low level

There's no better place than Tasmania to learn and enjoy low-level flying in varied terrain and great scenery

Manual prop. pitch

Manual Propeller Pitch Control endorsement in a Cessna 206 or BE76 Duchess

Retractable undercarriage

Get your 'three greens' endorsement, training in a BE76 Duchess

Instructor training

Grades 1,2,3, MEACR, IFR, NVFR, low-level, design-features and more



Learn to fly the Cessna 206, BN2 Islander, PA31 Navajo, or C404 Titan


Train in our well-equipped BE76 Duchess fleet, or extend to PA31, BN2 or C404.

Instrument rating: multi-engine

IFR rating in a BE76

Instrument rating: single-engine

Affordable IFR option