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Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Upgrade Course

Commercial Pilot Licence - upgrade course


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Upgrade your experience to a Commercial Pilot Licence

This version of the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) course is suitable for pilots who want to combine their previous flying experience with further learning to attain their CPL. We refer to this as our ‘CPL Upgrade Course’ (otherwise known as a ‘non-integrated’ course).

The course is suitable for pilots who:

  • have a Private Pilot Licence and their flying training was undertaken on a part-time/casual basis, possibly with various flight schools
  • have a Private Pilot Licence with significant flying experience over a number of years
  • do not have a a Private Pilot Licence, but have significant flying experience in other classes of aircraft outside of general aviation, including gliders or sport/ultralight aircraft
  • have any combination of the above.

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) can open doors to many opportunities across aviation. It enables you to fly as the pilot in command of a single engine aircraft, or as the co-pilot of a multi-crew aircraft conducting commercial operations within Australia.

On successful completion of the full course, students will attain a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) issued by CASA.

At the commencement of your course we will conduct a training needs analysis with you to determine what competencies you currently have and identify any gaps that may exist relating to the standards for the CPL. We will take account of the hours and experience you have previously attained. This analysis may include a flight check with one of our instructors.

We will then create a customised training plan to prepare you for the CPL flight test. Your training plan will include the flight training and simulator training (including instructor briefings) that you need to undertake to be ready for the flight test. Please note that the training plan is primarily focused on the competencies and standards necessary to attain a CPL and not simply about attaining the minimum hours needed for the CPL. The training plan, duration of the course, and course fees will therefore vary for each individual student.

There are seven theory subjects to complete for the CPL, each based on topics such as flight rules and air law, aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, human factors, operation, performance and planning, power plants and aircraft systems. The study for each subject is undertaken as self-paced learning and exams taken at your own time and pace. We recommend that you pass all (or most) of the theory exams before commencing flight training in this course. This course does not include timetabled theory classes or instructor supervision of your theory study.

To attain the CPL, you will need to:

  • pass 7 x CPL theory exams
  • pass the CPL flight test
  • have at least 200 hours of total aeronautical experience, with at least:
    • 190 hours of flight time as a pilot
    • 100 hours in command of an aeroplane
    • 20 hours command cross country
    • 10 hours instrument flight time with at least 5 hours of this in an aeroplane.

This course is offered full-time or part-time at a pace that suits your availability and budget.

The amount of training required, and the likely duration of your training, will be specified in the training plan developed by your instructor at the commencement of the course.

  • Flight Training as required in:
    • Cessna 172
    • Cessna 206
    • Simulator
  • Pre and post-flight briefings
  • Landing fees
  • CASA license and testing fees 1


TUITION FEES are not shown above and will be specified in your customised training plan.


  • TUITION FEES are indicative and cover the inclusions – see above [1,2]
  • EXTERNAL FEES are approximate costs for charts and aeronautical documents, 1 x PPL theory exam, 7 x CPL theory exams, ASIC, aviation medical examination (payable separately to external providers).
  • GST does apply to this course and is included where applicable [3]


  • 2 x PPL interstate navigation exercise approx. $250.00 (each)
  • 1 x CPL interstate navigation exercise approx. $500.00
  • headset approx. $500.00
  • pilot uniform set approx.$350.00.
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Interest-free-payment-plan

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To apply for the course you must be at least 18 years of age.

To commence the course you must:

If you have no previous flying experience or limited flying experience we suggest you consider the integrated CPL course or the Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence.

1 Indicative fees are based on average requirements for attainment. Where a student requires additional flying time, or more that one attempt at a theory test or flight test to achieve the required standard, additional fees will apply.

2 Fees are valid for the stated year-intake only. Fees for future years displayed on this page and in our applications system are provisional and subject to change.

3 GST does apply to this course and is included where applicable.

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