Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) integrated course

Our integrated CPL course will develop you into a confident, skilled and job-ready pilot.

Becoming a commercial pilot is a vital step in your aviation career

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) can open doors to many opportunities across aviation. It enables you to fly as the pilot in command of a single engine aircraft, or as the co-pilot of a multi-crew aircraft conducting commercial operations within Australia.


This 150 hour integrated course provides the pathway to gaining a CASA CPL, but without a corresponding tertiary/VET qualification (such as a Diploma-CPL). This course is intended for the student that requires greater flexibility in training to be able to conduct full-time or part-time study. The 150 hour course may be conducted full-time over 38 weeks or it may be spread out part-time up to 3 years duration.


The course integrates supervised flight training and theory training in a structured framework so that theory exams keep pace with flying hours. Your flying training is closely supervised by the instructors so that you gain the correct variety of training throughout the course.


If you already have a Private Pilot License (PPL) with flying experience spread over a number of years, we suggest you enrol in the CPL Upgrade course. We will take account of the hours and experience you have already attained and create a customised training plan to prepare you for the CPL flight test.


A further option is to attain the CPL through the AVI50219 Diploma in Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence course. This has the added benefit of structured study and theory classes, a nationally recognised diploma qualification outcome, and it is GST exempt and approved for VET Student Loans.

Why do your flying training with us?

We pride ourselves on producing commercial pilots who are highly skilled, confident, safe and job-ready. We have a strong reputation in the industry with high quality flight instruction in an authentic commercial aviation organisation. We operate to high standards with well-equipped commercial aircraft. Read more about how the Par Avion difference can make a real difference to your training and career, and the many advantages of undertaking flying training in Tasmania.

Course outcomes

On successful completion of the full course, students will attain:

  • a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA); and
  • a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) issued by CASA.

How do I attain my CPL?

  • Pass a PPL theory exam and a PPL flight test
  • Pass 7 x CPL theory exams and a CPL flight test
  • Meet the minimum aeronautical experience requirements of 150 hours, which must be conducted using general aviation ‘VH’ registered aircraft. Flying hours in sport category aircraft (gliders, ultralights etc) are not applicable.

About the flight training

The flight training is conducted in single-engine aircraft. There are two main phases:

  1. from commencement up to the PPL flight test, with approximately 60 hours of dual and solo flying to this point
  2. up to the CPL flight test, with a minimum 150 hours dual and solo flying to this point.

The course is a blend of theoretical, practical and self-guided learning, including:

  • participating in flight training in aircraft and simulators (including some flying on weekends and at night)
  • attending pre and post-flight briefings
  • undertaking guided self-study and assessment preparation
  • taking theory exams (see next section)

The course is primarily in-person (face-to-face) learning with an instructor. Our instructors take the time to understand the individual learning needs of students and assist with individualised instruction, support and flexibility to meet their learning needs and personal circumstances.


Much of the course content is available online and in printed study guides to support student self-study.

Theory training and exams

There are seven theory subjects to complete for the CPL, each based on topics already encountered during the PPL. The study for each subject is undertaken as self paced learning with learning support and supervision from our instructors.


A key difference between this course and our AVI50215 Diploma in Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence is this course does not include timetabled theory classes. This course is therefore best suited to students who:

  • want to learn at a time and pace that best suits them
  • are confident to study for theory exams in their own time and do not wish to attend theory classes
  • wish to attain the CASA rating, but not a corresponding vocational education qualification.


This course is offered:

  • as a full-time intensive up to 38 weeks, with five days participation per week (includes your own self-study time); or
  • part time at a pace that suits your availability and budget – for up to a 3 year duration.

The amount of training actually required can be influenced by a student’s existing skills and knowledge and the Chief Flying Instructor (or a delegated instructor) will provide appropriate information and study advice on an individual basis.

What is included

  • Flight Training including up to 1:
    • 119 Hours – Cessna 172
    • 29 Hours – Cessna 206
    • 5 Hours – Simulator
  • Pre and post-flight briefings
  • Instructor supervision and guidance
  • Landing fees
  • Study materials and guides
  • Pilot navigation equipment
  • CASA license and testing fees 1


TUITION FEES $62,900.00 1 (indicative)
This course does not attract GST and GST is not included.


OTHER EXTERNAL FEES approx. $2690.00 – covers charts and aeronautical documents, 1 x PPL theory exam, 7 x CPL theory exams, ASIC, aviation medical examination. (GST included where relevant)



  • 2 x PPL navigation exercise to mainland approx. $250.00 (each)
  • 1 x CPL navigation exercise to mainland approx. $500.00
  • headset $360.00
  • pilot uniform set $350.00

Payment options

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Interest-free-payment-plan

Find out more about our payment options

Entry requirements

To apply for the course you must be at least 18 years of age.

Conditions of enrolment

To commence the course you must:

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Further options

Upon successful completion of the CPL course you will be looking to gain employment within the aviation sector. We can provide more advanced training to further your skills and employability, such as a Multi-Engine Aircraft Class Rating, an Instrument Rating (multi-engine or single-engine), or for those looking to pass their skills on to others – a Flight Instructor Rating.


Pilots with a CPL can apply for recognition of prior learning to extend their qualifications to the Diploma in Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence . Some extra training and assessment may be required to attain the diploma through this pathway.


1 Indicative fees are based on average requirements for attainment. Where a student requires additional flying time, or more that one attempt at a theory test or flight test to achieve the required standard, additional fees will apply. Fees are subject to change.

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