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Payment Options For Domestic Students

Payment options for domestic students

The following payment options are available for Australian domestic students – ie Australian citizens or residents.

The payment options available for each course are listed on the course web page, and are available for selection when you apply for a course.

Flexible options to get your study started

VET Student Loans

The Commonwealth Government provides VET Student Loans to eligible domestic students undertaking approved Tertiary (diploma level) courses.

Airlines of Tasmania Pty Ltd, trading as Par Avion Flight Training, is an approved provider for VET Student Loans. RTO code 40601

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For domestic students undertaking specified CASA courses

  • Fees are due and payable on-the-day following each lesson, briefing or class.
  • Payment methods: 
    • in our online student system by debit-card or credit-card
    • at our counter by cash, EFTPOS or credit-card


For domestic students undertaking short CASA Courses or Other Courses (one-day or less)

  • Fees are invoiced to you in full at the time we accept your enrolment.
  • Fees are payable on the day of your course. You can pay your fees in advance if you prefer.
  • Payment methods: at our counter by cash, EFTPOS or credit-card


For domestic students undertaking Other Courses (short courses or single workshops with tuition fees $1500 or less)

For domestic students applying for credit-and-recognition / RPL in Diploma courses.

  • Fees are paid in full and in advance and are invoiced to you at the time we accept your enrolment
  • Payment methods:
    • in our online student system by debit-card or credit-card
    • at our counter by cash, EFTPOS or credit-card


For domestic students undertaking Diploma Courses or CASA Courses of 3 months or more duration

  • Provided interest-free and with no loan fee.
  • An initial down-payment of 2% of course tuition fees or $1500.00 (whichever is the lesser) is invoiced to you at the time we accept your enrolment. This downpayment is payable in advance of your course.
  • Further fee payments are then equally spread across the course in monthly study periods. For example: for a course of 10 months duration, the balance of fees (ie total-tuition-fees less the initial downpayment) are divided into 10 equal amounts.
  • Fees for each study-period/month are billed to you in a separate invoice each month, and payable on the 25th day of that study-period/month. We cannot accept these payments in advance.
  • Payments are to be made by scheduled direct debit from your bank account. We will provide you with a separate direct debit agreement for this.
  • If you withdraw from your course or cease studying your course for any reason, we will send you a separate final invoice for any fees owing to the date your enrolment status was formally changed by us. This final invoice will replace any unpaid or future invoices for each study-period/month. The final invoice is to be paid within 7 days.
  • If you require extra training and/or assessment beyond the stated inclusions and fees for the course, this will be charged to you separately at standard rates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our standard Refunds Policy and Procedures apply to all payment options