Flight Instructor Rating – Grade 3

The instructor rating is an excellent pathway to take your career to the next level as a career instructor, or as a valuable component to further build your career as a commercial pilot.


At Par Avion Flight Training we pride ourselves on the depth and quality of our team of experienced flight instructors. They have a passion for aviation and teaching and you will benefit and draw from these aspects during your course.


The course has a strong focus on the skills you will need to teach, assess and support students. You will spend time in the classroom and one-on-one time with your instructor learning the craft of teaching and how to apply those skills effectively in aviation settings.


Your aeronautical knowledge will be greatly expanded and challenged as you learn to teach sequences from effects of controls to basic instrument flying, short field operations –through to advanced skills such as night navigation.


You will undertake dual training in the aircraft with one of our experienced Grade 1 instructors, and you will spend time in the aircraft with fellow students (and/or Grade 3 instructors) —taking the role of student and instructor at different times. This provides ample time to practice and build your skills in an authentic context.

The Par-Avion difference

Undertaking the rating with us offers you many advantages. We have the facilities, staff and environment to ensure you receive the best in authentic instructor training. Our instructors are highly experienced, passionate about teaching and learning and dedicated to helping you become a quality flight instructor. Find out more…

Course outcomes

On successful completion of the full course, students will attain a Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).


If you want to attain further outcomes and a greater depth of learning, you can also attain the Grade 3 Flight Instructor Rating as part of the AVI50516 Diploma of Aviation – Flight Instructor course. We recommend this course for students who want to: study full-time; attain a Diploma qualification; and undertake more in-depth study on teaching and assessment in the vocational training field. The AVI50516 course is approved for VET Student Loans, whereas the rating course (described on this page) is not,


This course can be taken:

  • full-time over 10 weeks (on average) 2
  • or part-time on a flexible basis

Students can commence their training at any time of the year—subject to availability.


The course commences with a two-week block of theory and briefings, before moving to  a schedule of dual flight training,  instructor briefings, theory classes, shared flights with fellow students and a flight test at the conclusion.


Students prepare for and undertake the CASA Pilot Instructor Rating Common exam during the course.


The timetable is carefully designed to assist students to progress through the learning and assessment requirements in an achievable and meaningful way.

What is included

  • Flight training including up to:
    • 31.5 Hours – C172 dual 2
    • 20 Hours – C172 shared 2
    • Pre and post-flight briefings
  • Theory classes
  • Study resources
  • Landing fees
  • CASA PIRC exam fee 2
  • CASA license and testing fees 2


TUITION FEES $19,450.00 2  covers all of the inclusions. This course is GST exempt.




OPTIONAL EXTRAS (incl. GST where applicable)

  • Training endorsements:
    • Grade II $poa
    • Grade I $poa
    • Multi-engine $poa
    • Low-level $poa
  • Pilot uniform (set) $350

Payment options

  • Pay-in-advance
  • Interest-free-payment-plan

Find out more about our payment options

Entry requirements

Applicants must hold either:

  • a current Commercial Pilot License attained in an integrated (150 hour) course
  • OR a current Commercial Pilot License attained in a non-integrated (200 hour) course, with at least 100 hours as pilot in command.

Accommodation and transport options

We have accommodation for students near our location and a daily transfer bus service to/from your accommodation and our training facility. We also provide a complimentary arrival and departure pickup and transfer service to/from Hobart Airport.

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1 Attainment of the rating certifies that you have the necessary competencies to seek further employment as a commercial pilot. The rating does not guarantee employment or further employment.
2 Fees are based on average requirements for attainment. Where a student requires additional flying time, or more that one attempt at a theory test to achieve the required standard, additional fees will apply. Fees are subject to change.

Instructor and Cessna 172