Par Avion Flight Training (PAFT) has the following simulator/s available for use by students and pilots. Our flight training integrates simulator based learning and practice where applicable. This provides our students and pilots with low-cost training in a safe environment. Our simulator/s can also be used to log approved flight time – where applicable.

Elite synthetic trainer

The Elite synthetic trainer is available for Basic Instrument Flying training, through to ADF/VOR intercepts, night VFR ratings and instrument ratings. Equipped with all navaids and a Garmin 430 GPS, the Elite can simulate a variety of aeroplane types from the Cessna 172 to the Beechcraft Baron or King Air. Whether you just need to keep current on your approaches, or you are undertaking a Command Instrument Rating course with us, there is no better synthetic trainer in General Aviation!

Fixed-base 737 simulator

We operate a high-fidelity, full-size simulator of the Boeing 737-800. The simulator can be used for familiarisation in advanced avionics, systems and crew procedures; and for airline interview/check preparation.