Fees for RPL

Version 1.0 | 20-06-2018

This information applies to all students enrolled in (or applying for) our tertiary / VET courses

Fees for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) are as follows:

  • RPL application fee: $50.00 per application
  • National recognition of a unit of competency already attained: $0.00 per unit (no fee)
  • RPL and/or credit-transfer assessment for a whole unit of competency: $175.00 per unit
  • RPL and/or credit-transfer assessment for a whole qualification: 7.5% of the current tuition fees for the qualification

RPL fees do not include fees for flight tests, flight reviews or any further assessment activity set by the RPL assessor for a specific RPL application. These fees are payable separately at the time the assessment activity is undertaken.

Fees are calculated by us and invoiced to you on receipt of your RPL application. Fees are payable within 7 days of the lodgement of your application. Your application will not be assessed until your fees have been paid in full.

Some courses have specific RPL entry points, which are shown on the course webpage (where available). Fees for some RPL entry points are packaged into the overall tuition fee reduction for the specific entry point, and therefore not payable separately.