VET Student Loans – FEE HELP balance responsibilities

Version 1.0 | 26-10-2018

This information applies to students with a VET Student Loan (VSL).

Your FEE-HELP balance is the amount of your FEE-HELP limit remaining which you can apply to a course. When you apply for a course with us, we check your eligibility for VSL (in-part) by retrieving your FEE HELP balance from the Commonwealth Government and checking it is more than $0 at that time.

We will advise you of your FEE HELP balance at an appropriate point in the application and enrolment process. If you do not have sufficient FEE HELP balance to fully cover the tuition fees for the course:

  • your FEE HELP balance will be applied in-full to the course (unless you advise us otherwise in writing); and
  • any remaining tuition fees will be designated as ‘gap fees’. You will be responsible to pay these fees directly to us and as directed by us. Gap fees will be stated on the ‘VSL Statement of Covered Fees and Fees Notice’ document we provide to you during enrolment.

You undertake (by applying for the course and VSL) that you will notify is in writing if there are at any time any past, current, pending or intended course enrolments with other education providers that may reduce your FEE HELP balance before the commencement of your course or during your course with us.

It is very important that you provide accurate and timely information to us (in writing) about any potential or actual changes to your FEE HELP balance that are external to your course and/or our organisation. If you do not do this:

  • you may compromise your continuing enrolment in the course and your completion of the course; and
  • you will be liable for payment in-full of any outstanding tuition or other fees that are not covered by your VET Student Loan.

Applications/ enrolments with multiple providers

You must not apply for a VET Student Loan for the same course with another provider during the period you are applying, enrolling or studying in the course with us. If you have current applications or enrolments for the same course with multiple providers and do not inform us of this, we view such actions as dishonest and a breach of good-faith. We may take cost recovery action and/or legal action against you in these circumstances.