About Hobart

Version 1.1 | 11/07/2017

We are located near Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city. Hobart is one of the most liveable cities in Australia with affordable accommodation options, a vibrant community and a superb and varied natural environment. Our island state is clean, tourist-friendly and has a relatively low-cost of living. The local people are friendly and welcoming to overseas visitors. Many of the local people speak English as a first language – giving students  a good environment to develop their English proficiency, which is important for aviation careers.

For information about living in Hobart and Tasmania, see http://www.study.tas.gov.au/live/island-life/
 You will also see links to ‘Launceston’ and ‘Devonport.’ Along with Hobart, Launceston and Devonport are Tasmania’s three main cities.

For more information about some of the experiences that Tasmania offers, see: http://www.study.tas.gov.au/experience/