Acceptable use of ICT resources

Version 1.1 | 27-02-2018

As a student at Par-Avion Flight Training, you agree – by using any of our ICT resources – to the acceptable use of the ICT resources, as described on this page.

ICT resources are provided to support and facilitate your learning and assessment in the course/s in which you are enrolled. Your use of our ICT resources is to be primarily and predominantly for this purpose.

We allow fair use of our ICT resources for minimal personal use such as checking email accessing essential websites. This does not include general internet browsing, significant or regular social media use, or personal entertainment.

You agree to:

  • be a safe, responsible and ethical user at all times
  • use ICT devices with care and diligence
  • access ICT devices and environments only with the username and password you have been provided
  • protect privacy and confidentiality by not communicating or transmitting personal details, documents or images of yourself or other students
  • think and act carefully about the content you upload, download or post online – including in emails and social media
  • respect others (internally and externally) and communicate with them in a respectful and professional manner
  • respect and abide by copyright and intellectual property laws and regulations and not use any material that is not my own without having/using the correct permissions and attributing the owner/s of the materials
  • be diligent and careful about the internet sites you visit and the resources you access (including links and attachments in emails) to avoid any form of internet virus, hacking or infiltration
  • protect the computer devices we provide for student use by:
    • locking the interface when away from the device
    • logging out of a device when away from the device for ten minutes or more (to allow others to use it)
    • shutting down the device if you are the last person to use it for the day
    • only connect/insert other devices, memory sticks and external storage with our permission.

You agree that you will not:

  • use ICT resources to access, download or use materials outside of this acceptable use policy
  • use ICT resources for an unlawful, criminal or unethical activity
  • interfere with or modify ICT devices, software, hardware, network systems or security
  • use ICT resources in any way that may bring Par-Avion Flight Training into disrepute – including (but not limited to) staff, instructors, courses, administration, facilities and other students
  • use ICT resources to misrepresent yourself, Par-Avion Flight Training or any other person or entity.

ICT resources covered by this policy

This policy applies to all digital and information and communication technologies and environments at Par-Avion, including (but not limited to):

  • computer devices onsite including desktop PCs, laptop PCs and tablets
  • flight simulators onsite
  • ICT equipment onsite including printers, scanners, projectors and copiers
  • wired and wireless internet access provided by us
  • online and intranet environments provided by us, including the student intranet and Moodle online learning environment.