Access and equity policy

Version 1.0 | 29/07/2017

Access and equity is about removing barriers and opening up opportunities. In training, it means ensuring that people with differing needs and abilities have the same opportunities to successfully gain skills, knowledge and experience through education and training irrespective of their age, disability, colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality, family responsibilities, or location. It means identifying and addressing the training needs of everyone.

We are committed to upholding the principles of access and equity by:

  • ensuring that all staff are trained in access and equity principles and comply with the requirements of this policy;
  • treating everyone with respect and dignity;
  • recognising that all people are different and are valued for their differences;
  • utilising the different contributions that people can make to the learning experience;
  • making judgements genuinely based on fairness and merit;
  • developing and implementing policies and procedures that support access and equity;
  • being responsive to the diverse needs of all students e.g. adapting learning resources and modifying learning and assessment strategies to meet the needs of specific participants;
  • closely monitoring all advertising and marketing material to ensure that it is free of discrimination against any person; and
  • encouraging all students who become aware of harassment or discrimination, of or by fellow students, to bring it to the attention of a staff member.