Attendance policy and procedures

Attendance policy

Version 1.5 | 03-04-2024

As a student, you are responsible to:

  1. maintain full attendance to all scheduled or programmed training sessions and assessment sessions; to a standard of at least 90% of the sessions for a course;
  2. attend all appointments made for you with staff and with any third parties designated by us;
  3. be punctual and arrive for any session or appointment on or before time, prepared and ready to engage in the purpose of the session or appointment;
  4. notify us in advance of each and every non-attendance (note: there is zero tolerance for non-attendance without notification or reasonable excuse); and
  5. notify us as soon as practicable of any circumstance that will effect your ongoing attendance and/or progress in a course.

Full-time and part-time students students in Diploma Courses are expected to:

  1. be in attendance on-site for specified days and times per-week applicable to your course;
  2. attend and engage onsite as your sole and primary educational / vocational priority during your course – on a similar basis as you would for full-time employment; and
  3. not to be absent without notification to us, or without our approval in writing, for a period of more than two (2) consecutive study days.

Full-time attendance is scheduled as follows (unless otherwise stated for a specific course):

  • Monday to Friday (5 days per week)
  • 8:45 am to 4:30 pm each day
  • study is not scheduled on public holidays or in break weeks, however some study (including flight lessons) may be scheduled on public holidays, weekends or after-hours with individual students. This is used as catch-up time if required and is negotiated with each student in advance

Directed and non-directed study onsite is permitted Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Unsupervised self-study and simulator use outside of these days and hours requires permission from a staff member on each and every occasion.

We take reasonable steps and care to assist you to complete your course within the required or intended course duration. Our ability to support you in this is directly limited (in-part or completely) where you do not attend reasonably, as required by this policy. If you do not complete your course within the stated course duration or by the course end date, refer to our policy on course extensions.

We may cancel your enrolment if your attendance does not consistently meet these requirements.

Attendance procedures

Attendance recording

Instructors, trainers and assessors record attendance in our Airside system for:

  • scheduled/programmed classes
  • individual briefing sessions
  • individual simulator training and flight training sessions.

If you do not fully attend a session (eg you arrive substantially late or leave substantially early) or do not reasonably engage in a session, the instructor, trainer or assessor may record this session as a non-attendance.

General monitoring of attendance

Instructors, trainers and assessors generally monitor student attendance and:

  • may approach an individual student to verbally discuss their attendance; and
  • will notify the RTO Manager where non-attendance or punctuality trends or issues are evident.

We monitor onsite attendance of students through our electronic access system.

The RTO Manager or delegate will monitor attendance records and trends and may take action with individual students as appropriate to remedy non-attendance, poor punctuality and/or unsatisfactory progress.

Student notification of non-attendance

When you become aware that you will be unable to attend a day or session:

  • if you are notifying us ON THE DAY you are first absent due to illness etc, you must call us by phone in business hours as soon as possible and speak with one of our staff to inform us of the reason for your non-attendance, when it will commence, and when it is likely to conclude;
  • if you are requesting approval to be absent BEFORE THE DAY you are first absent, you must email us to provide the reason for your requested absence, and state when your absence will commence and conclude.
  • in all circumstances you must supply us with a medical certificate where your non-attendance is in excess of two consecutive days of the course for medical reasons.

Where you are booked for a simulator session, flight training session, flight test, formal test, or examination:

  • your notification of non-attendance must be received by our staff (as above) at least 24 hours before the session is due to commence – unless there are serious, compelling and unforeseen circumstances that reasonably prevent this – which you must inform us of in advance;
  • if you do not notify us within the 24 hour requirement (as above), we will, on the second and all subsequent infringements of this requirement, invoice you separately for that session and require you to re-book and take that session at a later date at full-cost to you; and also
  • you are fully responsible for the fees for every examination that you do not attend or provide notice of non-attendance within the 24-hour requirement.