Cancellation of your course

Version 1.0 | 09-01-2024


We may cancel a course or course-intake we are currently providing if:

  • provision of the course or course-intake has become unviable for our RTO for any reason;
  • significant domestic or international events (such as war, natural disasters and epidemics) reasonably prevent our provision of training; 
  • the course/qualification is no longer on our RTO scope;
  • our registration as an RTO ceases; and/or
  • our RTO intends to close, or closes.
In all circumstances, your rights as a consumer apply as per the laws of the State of Tasmania, Australia.

Further policy and procedures apply for students with a VET Student Loan under Tuition Assurance Scheme provisions.


If we intend to cancel your course before you commence, we will inform you of this decision in writing as soon as practicable prior to commencement of the course. Our obligations to you will cease at this point.

If we intend to cancel your course after you commence:

  1. We will inform you of our decision to cancel the course in writing as soon as practicable, including:
    • the reasons for our decision to cancel the course;
    • the date the cancellation of the course and your enrolment is to take effect; and
    • the circumstances in which fees for the course, or the part of the course concerned will, or will not be refunded (if applicable).
  2. If there are course-intakes you can re-commence study at a later time, we will inform you of these and facilitate your transfer to another intake at no further tuition-fees cost to you.
  3. We will provide you with a Statement of Attainment (where issuable) and your training records to facilitate your commencement with another provider – either directly to you or via ASQA.
  4. If our RTO intends to close, or closes, we will also:
    • make reasonable attempts to transfer your enrolment to another RTO with the same course on-scope – if available
    • inform you of your rights under a tuition-assurance scheme – where applicable.
If your are an overseas student studying in Australia on a Student Visa, the cancellation of your course may affect the status of your Student Visa. You should contact the Department of Home Affairs for advice.