CASA exams

Version 1.0 | 24-09-2018

This information applies to all students undertaking full-time tertiary and industry courses.

Courses that have mandatory Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) examinations included as part of our assessment are provided through ASPEQ, a third-party organisation that administers the exams onsite at Par Avion. See

Exam bookings – policy and procedure

  1. Our instructors schedule and book exams with ASPEQ for all students in advance.
  2. Students must not book exams with ASPEQ or any other organisation themselves.
  3. Students must not undertake exams without prior consultation and clearance to do so from one of our instructors.
  4. For each exam, our instructors will pre-assess a student’s readiness to undertake the exam. If our instructors determine that a student is not ready to sit an exam, the booking will (at least 4 days in advance of the exam booking) be postponed and the student will be given assistance to improve their readiness for the exam.

Students should register in ASPEQ’s system ahead of their first exam –  see ‘Pilot exam system registration’ section below.

Exam resits – policy and procedure

The following applies if a student sits an exam and does not meet the pass requirements:

  1. The student is to consult an instructor for advice on the area/s of knowledge deficiency in the previous exam. The instructor may provide remedial study and resources to assist the student to address the deficiencies.
  2. An exam resit will be booked by our instructors with ASPEQ at an appropriate point in the course, in consultation with the student.
  3. An exam resit can only occur once our instructors have pre-assessed a student’s readiness to resit the exam.
  4. Students must not book or undertake exam resits themselves.
  5. There are restrictions on the number of resits that can occur within specified time limits and these are set by CASA.

Exam fees – policy and procedure

  1. Tuition fees for most courses include fees for one attempt at each exam required in the course. See the course web page to see what is included in the fees for a course.
  2. Fees for exam resits are not included in tuition fees and must be paid for additionally by the student.
  3. Notification and administration of fees for exam resits are to be managed through our Learning and Assessment Extension Form – which the instructor and student are to complete and submit to the RTO Manager.
  4. Students deferring tuition fees with a VET Student Loan (VSL) may request the additional exam fee/s are added to their VSL debt. This is permissible where the student has sufficient VSL FEE-HELP balance to accommodate the fees.

Pilot exam system registration

This applies to current students only.

  1. Go to the ‘Assessment Services Limited’ website:
  2. Click on the Register button
  3. Enter your Aviation Reference Number and Date-of-Birth to activate your account
  4. Once your account is active, login and select the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of the page
  5. Select ‘My Memberships’ on the left side menu, then click ‘request new membership’
  6. Select Par Avion Flight Training from the drop-down menu and apply for a membership