Choosing a course

Version 1.2 | 26/11/2018

It is important that you are informed about the key aspects of a course before you select it. Please carefully review the information provided about each course on our website. The website has the most current information about each course and this supersedes any printed information.

Please take particular note of course fees, payments methods, intake dates, study modes, pre-requisites and entry requirements – where stated.

Also see the guide to our courses and getting started with your application and enrolment.

If you are an overseas student please ensure that the course is available for overseas students and is compatible with the type of visa that you plan to use when coming to Australia. See general information for overseas students.

Further assistance

A member of our staff with sound knowledge in the program / course can assist you to determine the most appropriate pathway(s) to achieve competence. This may include any one or combination of the following (where applicable to a particular course and student-type):