Monitoring of course progress

Version 1.3 | 23-01-2019

We monitor the progress of each student and may contact you to discuss this informally, or formally by appointment, as part of our general monitoring of your progress or to discuss issues specific to you. You are welcome to discuss your progress with our staff as required.

Some government departments also require progress monitoring for some students (see below). It is important that you notify us as soon as possible of any change of your contact details so these communications and official notices are properly delivered to you.

Course progress for overseas students on a Student Visa

We use the approved course progress policy and procedures to monitor, assess and record your course progress. This is provided by the Department of Education and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Course progress for students with a VET Student Loan

During the course the Department of Education and Training may contact you to request that you:

  • communicate your agreement that the department should continue to use the VET student loan to pay tuition fees for the course;
  • verify your enrolment in the course; and
  • demonstrate at regular intervals that you are a genuine student and engaged in the course.