Deferral of study by you

Version 1.3 | 25-03-2024

This information applies to all students who are currently studying with us. It does not apply to students who are yet to commence study.

Once you have commenced your course, you may request deferral of your study to another course-intake or period of time when you can re-commence your study.

Please discuss this with our Student Support Officer before making an official request to defer. We may have other flexible options to enable you to continue in your current course/intake.


Deferral of study can only be requested on the grounds of compassionate and compelling circumstances that have significant impact on your capacity to reasonably continue your study. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • serious personal illness, injury or trauma requiring substantial leave
  • bereavement of immediate family members (siblings, partners, children, parents and grandparents)
  • serious illness or injury of immediate family members (siblings, partners, children, parents and grandparents) for which the student has day-to-day care responsibilities, requiring substantial leave
  • a major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country or state of the student, requiring emergency travel.

Deferral of study may be requested for up to 12 months only.

Your enrolment will be deemed to be cancelled if you do not resume your study within 12 months of deferral or by the date nominated by you for resumption of study (whichever is the sooner).

Deferral of study cannot take effect for study periods / units of study where census dates have passed before the deferral of study request is submitted to us. We do not accept backdated requests.

Deferral of study may not be allowed until the student has paid all unpaid fees due until the date where deferral is to take effect.

Resumption of your study through placement in a future intake, or resumption on a requested date, will be reasonably facilitated by us but cannot be guaranteed. Resumption of study is subject to:

  • our policies and procedures for entry to courses in effect at that time;
  • the availability of the course at that time; and
  • the availability of a place in an intake at that time.

All financial risk associated with deferral of study and resumption of study is fully your responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • increases in fees at the time of resumption of study
  • extra learning and assessment required to resume study at a certain point in a course
  • extra learning and assessment required to restore any loss of competency sustained over the period of deferral.

If your are an overseas student studying in Australia on a Student Visa, the deferral of your study may affect the status of your Student Visa. You should contact the Department of Home Affairs for advice.


Deferral of study must be requested in writing, using the form: Request for Deferral of Study (Form 0010) available in the student portal. It must be submitted within 1 business day from when you have signed and dated the form.

We may request further information from you, including documentary evidence of your circumstances.

We will allow or deny your request and we will inform you of our decision in writing. This decision is at our discretion, is not reviewable and is final.

If your request is denied:

  • your enrolment is deemed to be continuing and unchanged; and
  • you have the option to withdraw from the course at that point-in-time and this will take effect from the date of deferral you have specified on the Request for Deferral of Study form.

If your request is allowed:

  • your enrolment is deemed to be continuing and on-hold, and will be transferred to your requested intake / date; and
  • if there are outstanding fee payments to be made by you (or an external body on your behalf) beyond the date of deferral, we will advise you in writing whether these payments are to be deferred or not.