Fee payment options

Version 1.2  01/11/2018

We have a number of payment options for each course. Please refer to each course page on our website and see the ‘Payment options’ section for specific details.

Details about each payment option is available on our website:

Payment method for overseas students

Overseas students (on any type of visa) are required to use our CohortGo payment gateway .

CohortGo provides a convenient, easy and low-cost service for payment of your fees. You can securely pay tuition fees and other fees in your local currency with competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees. With real-time tracking, you’ll always know where your payments are from start to finish. Read more about the benefits of this service.

Go to paravion.cohortgo.app when you are ready to pay your fees.

IMPORTANT: please do not pay any fees to us until:

  • you have signed and returned your student agreement to us, and
  • you have received your initial invoice for payment from us.