Withdrawal – re-enrolment after withdrawal

Version 1.0 | 20-10-2022


You may apply to re-enrol with us in a course from which you have previously withdrawn.

Your re-enrolment is subject to the following conditions:

  1. For Diploma courses, you cannot apply to re-enrol in a course where:
    • two or more years has elapsed since your withdrawal, or
    • the course you withdrew from has since been superseded.
  2. We make no guarantee that the course, course-intakes, or available places within course-intakes will be available on the dates you intend to re-enrol in the course.
  3. We reserve the right to add appropriate allowances into your study programme for you to reacquire current competency in the VET and CASA units in the course. Any extra time and/or costs for these allowances are your responsibility and will be added to your revised Student Agreement and fees.
  4. Your fees will be re-instated at the rate of fees published for the course at the date your re-enrolment is to commence.


Your application to re-enrol must be in writing by email to admin@paravion.edu.au and must state:

  1. your name, current contact details, and student number
  2. the course and intake you withdrew from
  3. any work, other study, and/or experience you have undertaken since your withdrawal, which is relevant to your current competency in the course
  4. a range of dates and/or course-intakes in which you could re-commence study.

After receipt of your re-enrolment application:

  1. We will respond to you by phone or email within fourteen days.
  2. If your application meets all the above conditions and requirements, we will:
    • negotiate a suitable course-intake and recommencement date with you; and
    • issue you with a revised Student Agreement – including revised fees – for your consideration and acceptance or non-acceptance. The usual enrolment stage procedure is then followed.