Rooms and spaces

version 1.2 | 10/08/23

Our primary facilities for students are adjoined to the main Par Avion hangar on the southern side of our complex. This includes:

  • classrooms
  • student common area and kitchen
  • operations room
  • simulators
  • study rooms
  • offices for instructors and staff
  • meeting/briefing rooms
  • toilets.

The student and staff entrance is located off the main car park (students are not to use the Par Avion customer reception entrance).

Full-time students are issued with a key fob or app for electronic entry during business hours.

Food and drink amenities

Students are welcome to use the kitchenette in the operations room, which also has a vending machine and equipped with fridges, microwaves, sandwich makers, crockery and cutlery.

Tea, coffee, milk and sugar are provided for students to use without charge.

Kitchen areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Each student is responsible for cleaning and returning any item they use, immediately after it is used.