Student entry – equal and fair treatment policy

Version 1.0 | 29/12/2017

We commit to provide applicants with sufficient and transparent information about the course and entry requirements and procedures to enable the applicant to make a reasonably informed decision about the suitability of the course and the organisation for their individual needs.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and understand all of the information provided to them throughout the application and enrolment process. Applicant’s must seek direct clarification from us where they do not understand any of the information provided.

We ensure that applicants are treated with fairness, courtesy and respect throughout the application and enrolment process.

Applicants are selected on merit at the application stage and during the enrolment stage. Merit is assessed against the published entry requirements, the conditions of enrolment provided to the applicant, and any further criteria that we may provide for a specific course.

Applicants who are not selected may seek feedback from us about our decision to decline their application.

Other relevant policies