Student uniform

Version 1.0 | 02/01/2018

Student uniform policy

Students enrolled in courses to become commercial pilots, or to extend their qualifications as commercial pilots, are expected to conduct themselves in a highly professional manner. Professional personal presentation is an important part of this requirement and this includes the wearing of a standard aviation uniform.


The standard aviation uniform is mandatory for all domestic and overseas students enrolled in:

  • Tertiary Courses; and
  • Industry Courses on a full-time basis.

Students enrolled in other aviation courses may choose to wear the uniform if they wish.

The uniform is to be worn:

  • at all times when a student is in attendance on-site at Par-Avion Flight Training; and
  • whenever a student is engaged in training or assessment activities onsite, with third-party providers and in general public.

The uniform is not to be worn for any other purpose or in any other context. Students may wear the uniform on their way to/from Par-Avion Flight Training, but  must remove the epaulettes when not onsite at Par-Avion Flight Training.

Standard aviation uniform

The uniform consists of:

  • navy-blue or dark-blue corporate trousers
  • white pilot shirt suitable for epaulettes (short or long sleeve)
  • epaulettes (single silver bar – will be supplied by Par Avion)
  • black business shoes
  • navy pilot jumper and/or navy pilot jacket

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