Transfer between training providers for overseas students

Version 1.2 | 01-10-2022

This information applies to overseas students on a Student Visa.

  • Principal course: is usually the final course of study a student will undertake.
  • Six months: is calculated as six calendar months from the first day of the principal course.
Students transfer between training providers

Overseas students are restricted from transferring from their principal course of study to another provider for a period of six months. However, there are exceptions to this ruling, see below:

We can only enrol students seeking to transfer us from another provider within the first six months of their principal course where:

  • the original registered provider has ceased to be registered, or the course in which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered;
  • the original registered provider has provided a written letter of release;
  • the original registered provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration by the Australian Government, or state or territory government, that prevents the student from continuing his or her principal course; or
  • any government sponsor of the student considers the change to be in the student’s best interest, and has provided written support for that change.

The above requirement also applies should a student wish to transfer from us to another training provider within the first six months of their principal course.

Policy and procedures for transfer between training providers

Any action taken in relation to student transfer between training providers will be managed in accordance with our Student transfer policy and procedures. This resource is available to students on request.