Withdrawal – from enrolment by you

Version 1.5 | 10-08-2023


You may withdraw your enrolment for any reason using the prescribed procedure (see below).

If there are issues affecting your enrolment or ability to study, we encourage you to make contact with our Student Support Officer to discuss these issues. We may be able to assist you with advice, provide some flexibility for you, or provide other options or services to assist you; however we will not attempt to influence your decision to withdraw.


You must inform us in writing as soon as possible of your intention to withdraw from your studies by completing the form: FORM Withdrawal request F004 which is available in our student portal. We do not accept any other form of withdrawal notification. It must be submitted within one business day from when you have signed and dated the form.

Procedures to commence your withdrawal can only begin to take effect from the date we have received and acknowledged your written notice of withdrawal using this form.

We will provide you with written advice of the following, within three business days of the receipt of your written notice of withdrawal:

  1. confirmation of your withdrawal, including the date and time of the withdrawal, the course or unit/s of study, or part of a course or whole course from which the student withdrew;
  2. confirmation of any debts that you have incurred for the unit, study-period within the course or for the whole course*; and arrangements for payment of this debt – where applicable;
  3. information about the refund of any applicable payments made to the date of withdrawal* in accordance with our refund policy and procedures – where applicable and
  4. advice of any special circumstances requirements if applicable to your circumstances.

If you have completed unit/s in a Tertiary Course (eg a VET Diploma course) before your withdrawal, you may request a Statement of Attainment for those unit/s from us.

If your are an overseas student studying in Australia on a Student Visa, the withdrawal of your enrolment may affect the status of your Student Visa. You should contact the Department of Home Affairs for advice.

Further conditions for students with VET Student Loans (VSL)

* If you have deferred tuition fees for a course under a VET Student Loan, the following conditions also apply:

  • if your withdrawal is received by us on or before 5:00 pm on the census day for that study-period, no debt is incurred by you for that study-period or subsequent study-periods;
  • if your withdrawal is received by us after 5:00 pm on the census day for that study-period, tuition fees for that study-period will be deferred to your VET Student Loan in full.
  • refunds and/or re-crediting do not apply and will not be given for any part of the deferred debt in any study period where you withdrew from the course after the census date for that study period has passed.
  • no monies or entitlements to our services from the deferred VSL debt can be applied as a credit to any account, debt, or invoice whatsoever for any fees:
    • currently or previously generated by you
    • in any other current or future course, rating, or endorsement with us.
  • this applies to all of the tuition fees for the course or part of the course to which the census day relates, including:
    • VET Student Loans covered fees
    • any gap fees
    • upfront payment of tuition fees
    • gap fees or tuition fees paid through a loan from the provider (this does not include our standard payment options, which are not loans).
  • this does not apply to:
    • non-tuition fees
    • other external fees, including any product or service that you have purchased to support your study in the course, including essential items for a course
    • any other fee, cost or expense incidental to your enrolment in the course.