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We are a registered provider of aviation training for overseas students and we welcome students from all countries to study aviation in Australia. We’ll help you to become a commercial pilot in Australia and to build skills and qualifications for your career.

We offer a professional learning environment as part of a thriving aviation business, so you can benefit from our real-world operations and experience.

Tasmania is a superb place to visit and study in, with great people and scenery and plenty of open airspace and aviation facilities to enjoy your flying. Our instructors are the best in the business – knowledgeable, experienced and patient; and they love to teach and see our students succeed.

The Par-Avion difference for your learning and career

Gaining your qualifications with us in Australia has many advantages. We pride ourselves on producing commercial pilots who are highly skilled, confident, safe and job-ready. We have a strong reputation in the industry with high quality flight instruction in an authentic commercial aviation organisation.

We operate to high standards with well-equipped commercial aircraft and safety is our top priority. Read more about how the Par Avion difference can make a real difference to your training and career.

Tasmania – a superb place to learn to fly

We are located near Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city. Hobart is one of the most live-able cities in Australia with affordable accommodation options, a vibrant community and a superb and varied natural environment. Our island state is clean, tourist-friendly and has a relatively low-cost of living.

The local people are friendly and welcoming to overseas visitors. Many of the local people speak English as a first language, giving students  a good environment to develop their English proficiency, which is important for aviation careers.

Hobart Airport has many airline flights per day connecting to other states in Australia. Hobart is a short one hour flight from Melbourne, which is our closest international airport.

Courses for overseas students

Accredited Diploma courses for overseas students who obtain a Student Visa:

Accredited training, licences, ratings and endorsements for overseas students on short-stay tourist / business visas (up to three month stays):

Accommodation options and transport

We have accommodation for students near our location and a daily transfer bus service to/from your accommodation and our training facility.

Support for your learning and welfare

Our staff are dedicated to your learning and welfare. We provide:

  • a welcome and pickup at Hobart Airport on your arrival, including transfer to your accommodation
  • initial support to help you settle in with accommodation, local services and transport; and setting up your phone and internet
  • comprehensive orientation to our facilities and induction to our procedures
  • learning and welfare support during your studies
  • accommodation transfer service to Hobart Airport on your departure


Register your interest with us online. You’re also welcome to contact us and we are happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

You can enrol with us online.

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