Access to records

Version 1.1 | 10-11-2018

We maintain electronic records of the educational achievement and progress of students in compliance with CASA and/or VET requirements as required given the course being undertaken. Records are maintained in accordance with our Privacy and Personal Information Policy.

You may request:

  • to see certain records*, in the presence of authorised staff member
  • to be provided with a printed version of certain records*.

*Certain records:

  • includes records:
    • which may be reasonably used in the public arena by the student for the purposes of further education and employment
    • to assist a student in the day-to-day understanding of their educational progress
    • for which personal privacy and confidentiality is not an ordinary concern
  • does not include:
    • any information or documents which, in our opinion, may compromise our intellectual and/or commercial-in-confidence property
    • internal application and entry selection records
    • internal accounting and financial records
    • internal file notes, emails, correspondence and administrative documents.

Records of flight training lessons and assessments which are ordinarily maintained by a CASA approved Part 141/142 flight training organisation can only be requested and transferred to a CASA approved Part 141/142 flight training organisation by written request from the Head of Training of the other organisation. This information cannot be requested by, provided to, or transferred via the student themselves.

Requests for records must be made in writing to the RTO Manager. We will endeavour to respond to and/or fulfill your request within 14 days.