Assessment appeals procedure

Version 1.1 | 29/12/2017

If a student disagrees with an assessment decision, they may have the decision reviewed as follows.

  1. The student must first approach the assessor who made the decision concerned and question the decision.
  2. The assessor is obliged to review the decision, and consider any relevant issues raised by the student.
  3. When all relevant issues have been discussed, the assessor and the student should attempt to resolve the matter and take action as agreed. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • maintaining the current decision as is;
    • reversal of the decision;
    • re-assessment; or
    • re-assessment by another assessor.
  4. Where a re-assessment is to be conducted, the student has the option to request that an independent person observes the assessment. However, aviation regulations may preclude this in the case of in-flight assessments.
  5. Should the issue remain unresolved, the student may, within seven days of disagreeing with the decision, lodge a formal complaint in writing.