Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

Version 1.6 | 12-12-2018

Students undertaking specified aviation courses will be required to hold or obtain an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) before they commence study.

You must provide us with your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) before you apply for your ASIC.

Apply for your ASIC through Security ID. Please note:

  • In your application, select the ‘RED’ card and choose ‘AUS’ wide for all Australian airports. This will allow you to fly into any Australian security controlled airport, which is necessary for most training courses (not including the Recreational Pilot Licence course).
  • You will be asked to provide a letter from us confirming your status as an enrolled student and the need for an ASIC. Please send us a request for this letter by email to admin@paravion.edu.au and will send the letter to you by return email (note – this request can only be made after we have accepted your signed Student Agreement and after you have sent us your ARN).
  • You may choose to have your ASIC sent to us for pick-up from our office. To do this, choose ‘TAS Cambridge’ as the delivery location in the checkout process.
  • The cost of the ASIC is payable by the applicant directly to the provider and is not included in tuition fees.

Overseas students must apply for their ASIC before leaving for Australia.

Further information about the ASIC [CASA]