Student Code of Conduct

Version 1.2 | 15-10-2020

This code of conduct describes the standards of expected conduct and behaviour while you are studying here. The code supports our values as a company and as an education institution.

As a student at Par Avion Flight Training, you are expected to:

  • work and study safely, ensuring this is the highest priority in every action you take
  • conduct yourself as a junior pilot / professional pilot by displaying professionalism, integrity, honesty, respect, and patience when dealing with staff and fellow students, and our other customers, suppliers and contractors
  • treat all students and staff fairly with proper regard for their rights and obligations, as you yourself would want to be treated;
  • support equity and diversity (discrimination and/or harassment are not tolerated under any circumstances)
  • maintain a professional standard of personal appearance, grooming, and hygiene and adhere to our uniform policy
  • be proud of your own assessment work and do not plagiarise, cheat or collude with other students – in accordance with our Assessment Integrity Policy)
  • comply with our Acceptable use of ICT resources policy
  • attend meetings as required to discuss your course progress, academic performance and/or conduct
  • follow any reasonable direction from a staff member
  • comply with all lawful regulations and our policies and procedures
  • not make public statements or representations on behalf of Par Avion unless specifically permitted to do so (for example, to the media or on social media)
  • comply with the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations including those relating to use of drugs and alcohol. This also includes random testing conducted by CASA or their authorised agents.