Course progress requirements for overseas students

Version 1.1 | 03-04-2024

Satisfactory progress in your course is a condition of your Student Visa.

It is your obligation as the student to meet the following course progress requirements:

  • compliance with our attendance policy and procedures *
  • completion of directed study tasks by the due date *
  • submission of each item of assessment work by the due date and achieving a competent result within two attempts
  • sitting each CASA aviation exam on the dates we specify and achieving a pass within three attempts (note: a third attempt shall only be permitted in extenuating circumstances and with the approval of the Head of Operations or their delegate).
  • undertaking each flight lesson on the dates and times we specify *
  • undertaking each flight test, and pre-licence check, on the dates we specify and achieving a pass within two attempts
  • taking all reasonable steps to follow the direction and guidance by our instructors and trainers to:
    • resubmit any assessment marked as not-yet-competent *
    • retake an CASA exam not passed *
    • retake any flight test or pre-licence check not passed *
    • undertake further study as directed *
  • undertake and comply with any intervention strategy we set for you (see further below) *.

* We will deem your progress to be unsatisfactory if you do not comply with any of the indicated requirements (*) on more than three occasions (in total).

Your progress in the course and your attendance is recorded in detail in our Airside system. If you wish to check and/or discuss your progress or attendance at any time during your course, please contact one of flight instructors.

As the education provider, we:

  • monitor your course progress
  • implement an intervention strategy if you are at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress requirements
  • notify you if we intend to report you to the Department of Home Affairs if you have been assessed as not achieving satisfactory course progress after an intervention strategy has been implemented
  • report unsatisfactory course progress to the Department of Home Affairs.

Intervention strategies we may put in place include:

  • advising you of available study skills workshops, academic counselling, English language support or other support
  • requiring you to meet regularly with a staff member  to review your progress before the end of the next study period
  • reducing your study load temporarily
  • requiring you to attend a minimum number of classes and lessons
  • requiring you to submit assignments or complete assessments within a certain timeframe
  • referring you to other relevant support services, for example, counselling for personal issues, appropriate services such as medical, accommodation or financial counselling services
  • considering a period of deferment or temporary suspension of studies
  • putting a written intervention plan in place to confirm the steps you are required to take, which may include participating in some of the above actions.

If you fail to meet course progress requirements after the intervention strategy has been implemented, we will send you a Notice of Intention to Report (ie to the Department of Home Affairs, which may then cancel your visa). You have an opportunity to lodge an internal appeal with us first – within 20 working days. To do this, follow our complaints and appeals procedures to lodge a complaint about our decision.

If you are not satisfied following this process, you may lodge an external appeal with the Commonwealth Ombudsman.