Fees and charges

Version 1.5 | 20-08-2018

Course fees

The following types of fees are specified with each course. Please refer to each course page on our website and see the ‘Fees’ and ‘What is included’ sections for specific details.

  • Tuition fees  generally include training/teaching services, assessment services, briefings, flight training, simulator instruction, and general use of our services and facilities for a course.
  • Non-tuition fees include fees paid by the student to us for application fees and administrative fees. These apply only to certain courses.
  • Other external fees are fees paid by the student to external organisations for services and products that are essential for study in one of our courses, but are not provided by us as part of the course, or are not available directly from us. The student must make arrangements to purchase these products and services before they commence a course.
  • Fees for optional extras includes course extension options and optional equipment that the student may select. These are fully optional.

Fees for additional tuition and assessment

Tuition fees are based on minimum and/or average requirements. Where a student requires additional training and assessment to achieve the required standard (eg extra flight instruction or more than one attempt at a theory or flight test) then additional fees will apply at our standard rates and prices. These fees are, unless otherwise stated, to be paid on a pay-as-you-go basis and are due on the day they are incurred.

If a student who is accessing a VET Student Loan does not successfully complete a unit-of-competency or a study-period and is required to re-take that part of their studies (including specific major assessments), the student may access a VET Student loan in a subsequent attempt at that unit. However, the course cap and remaining FEE-HELP lifetime limit continue to apply. Any tuition fees not covered by a VET Student Loan become a gap fee that is directly payable to us by the student.

Minimum fees

Stated fees for a course are the minimum fees to attain the qualification outcome of the course and are not reduced by:

  • the actual attendance of a student during the course
  • the actual engagement and progress of a student during the course
  • a student not completing the course
  • a student not attaining the qualification
  • a student attaining the qualification before the course end date
  • a student consuming less than the stated inclusions allocated for the course.

Minimum fees can only be reduced by a formal Credit and Recognition process application at the commencement of the course. Minimum fees cannot be reduced, refunded, re-credited or transferred in any way during the course or after the course end date.

Exclusions from fees

Our fees do not include accommodation, meals, catering, general living expenses or transportation unless it expressly stated in writing by us that these items are included in the fees for a course. Any other item not expressed in writing by us as an inclusion in a course is deemed to be an exclusion and is therefore not covered by our fees.

Goods and services tax (GST)

GST is included in all stated fees where applicable. Some courses are exempt from GST and this is stated on each course web-page where applicable.

Changes to fees and charges

Fees and charges are subject to change for a number of reasons, for example increases in fuel and aircraft operating costs. Students will be provided notice in writing as soon as possible before any change occurs, including the effects (if any) on fees and charges for their current course/s.

Fees paid in advance by domestic students in Tertiary Courses

We accept payment of fees paid in advance (prior to the commencement of their program/course) from a student or applicant up to a limit of $1500.00 only. We may require payment of additional fees in advance from the student following course commencement, but only such that at any given time, the total amount required to be paid which is attributable to tuition or other services yet to be delivered to the student does not exceed $1,500.00.

Fees paid in advance by overseas students in Tertiary Courses

We will only accept full fees in advance when a student chooses this option themselves, or the course is 24 weeks or less in duration.