Credit and Recognition – the process

Version 1.1 | 21-01-2021

This information applies to all students enrolled in (or applying for) our tertiary / VET courses


The applicant gathers evidence to support their application and lodges an application using a prescribed form.


One of our qualified assessors will undertake an initial assessment of the evidence provided and make a judgment as to whether:

  • credit can be granted – based entirely on the evidence provided; or
  • further evidence is required, or
  • a learning and assessment pathway to achieving competence is required. This will be negotiated with you.

If the assessor deems that further evidence is required, you may be required to participate in specific assessment tasks. Tasks may include (but are not limited to):

  • a specific assessment task, such as a flight test or written test
  • a competency interview
  • an observation of your performance undertaking specified tasks.


At the conclusion of the process we will provide you with:

  • a copy of the completed application form – as completed by you and the assessor
  • a Statement of Attainment for any unit/s you have attained
  • A Qualification Testamur if you have obtained a complete qualification.
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