Credit and Recognition – how to apply

Version 1.1 | 20-01-2021

This information applies to all students enrolled in (or applying for) our tertiary / VET courses

Steps to apply for Credit and Recognition

1. You must apply for entry into the relevant course before you complete and lodge the Credit and Recognition application. To do this:

2. If your application passes initial acceptance, we will send you the relevant Credit and Recognition application form.

3. Once you have fully completed the Credit and Recognition application, send the form and your portfolio of evidence:

  • by email to
  • or by mail to: The Manager, Par Avion Flight Training, GPO Box 451, Hobart 7001.

4. If Credit and Recognition assessment fees are payable, you will receive an invoice for this. The assessment of your application will not proceed until this has been paid. Note – assessment fees are not refundable after the assessment process has commenced or concluded, regardless of your assessment outcomes.

Assistance with your application

If you have any questions or issues with the process or the application form, please email or call us on (03) 6248 5390.


Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is responsible for providing you with:

  • Credit and Recognition information (ie the information in this online handbook); and
  • reasonable guidance and assistance when considering and completing your application.

You (the applicant) are responsible for:

  • all research required to substantiate an application;
  • participating in assessment activities as requested by the assessor;
  • sourcing evidence for the application and compiling documentary evidence;
  • submission of the application; and
  • payment of assessment and/or administrative fees.

Our assessors are responsible for:

  • assessing the evidence provided;
  • requesting further evidence and/or facilitating a learning and assessment pathway for you (if required);
  • making the assessment decision;
  • providing feedback to you on the outcome of the assessment decision; and
  • documenting the assessment outcome.
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