Language, literacy and numeracy testing for domestic students

Version 1.3 | 03/04/2024

This information applies to domestic applicants in some courses. This information applies to all domestic students who intend to defer tuition fees with a VET Student Loan.

Our assessment of your academic suitability to undertake an approved course may require you to undertake an an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test – where applicable. The test will assess your competence at ‘Exit Level 3’ in the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

We use the ‘LLN ROBOT’ system (an online application) to produce a valid and reliable assessment of  your competence. The test is approved by the Secretary of the Department of Education and published on the department’s website.


There is no fee for you to undertake the LLN test.

Preparation for the test

The LLN test is an assessment of your cumulative LLN skills at a point in time. You do not need to prepare for the test. Some general preparation may assist you, however we recommend that you do not prepare intensively.

With the above in mind, the ACSF ePublication  can assist with general context for the test. Read the later sections that describe the various levels for reading, numeracy etc. – eg ‘Numeracy level 3’. There are general descriptors plus sample activities that will give you a fair understanding of what a level involves.

We provide online learning resources for you if you do not achieve one or more of the levels above, or if there are some areas that could be strengthened. This happens after the LLN test.

Undertaking the test

Instructions for undertaking the test are provided in the online test system. Read these instructions carefully.

We recommend you do not rush the test and take your time to answer each question carefully. The average completion time for this test is around one hour. There is nothing to be gained by completing the test more quickly than this average.

It is essential and important that you undertake the test yourself and without assistance of any kind. Your honesty and integrity in this is essential. False indications of your LLN competence will become evident during the course, which may then require that we cancel your enrolment during the course.


The results of the assessment are reported as soon as practicable to you after the assessment. The results are reported to the Department of Education – as required by the department if you are applying for a VET Student Loan. The results are held for a period of five years and in accordance with our privacy and personal information policy.

Re-sitting a test

If you do not achieve the required standard of language, literacy and numeracy on the first attempt, you may re-sit the test a second time if:

  • you are applying for a VET Student Loan;
  • we assess you as being ready* to resit the test; and
  • we determine a reasonable time has passed since your first attempt at the test.

*We will, at your request, provide you with resources, support and/or referral to improve your LLN skills to the required level. Any fees associated with third-party LLN support are your responsibility.

English Language Proficiency for aviation students

There are further English language requirements for all aviation students.