Getting to Tasmania

Hobart Airport has many airline flights per day connecting to other states in Australia. Hobart is a short one hour flight from Melbourne, which is our closest international airport.

Public transport

As our cities are not as large as places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Beijing – or even Sydney and Melbourne – our public transport system does not need to include a large subway, tram or train network. Instead, Tasmania has a bus network for public transport.

In Tasmania, overseas students can get a discount on their fares, which is not available in many other states.

Our transport options

See our local transport for students page

Bike riding

As a clean and cheap form of transport, cycling is popular in Tasmania. Because Tasmania’s cities are small, cycling is a good transport option for students, especially where there are established cycle tracks in place.


If you have a current overseas driver licence and hold a temporary international student visa you can drive in Tasmania on your overseas licence.

For more information, please visit

It is also possible for overseas students to obtain a Tasmanian driver’s licence. For more information about minimum age requirements and the process for obtaining a licence, please visit