Course extension policy

Version 1.2 | 15-10-2020


General policy

You are expected to complete your course within the required duration or intended course duration, and to the required assessment standards to attain the course qualification, as stated for the course and/or as stated in your Student Agreement;.

We take reasonable steps to monitor your progress in the course and assist you in order that these aims (as above) are met for you. If you have concerns at any time about your progress, you are encouraged to contact us to discuss this and to do so as early as possible during your study.

Our ability to support your progress in a course and to complete of a course is directly limited (in-part or completely) if you are not in regular and reasonable attendance, as required by our Attendance Policy.

Study exceeding the course duration

Some of our courses have specific intakes with defined start and end dates. Some of our courses have a specified course duration, usually expressed in a number of weeks.

You are not generally entitled to continue to study with us and/or use our resources where the course end date or duration has been exceeded and you have not yet completed the course or attained the qualification.

We allow a reasonable extra period of study for our courses as follows. You may continue to study with us for a further period of:

  • up to one week in Tertiary / full-time courses of up to 13 weeks duration; and
  • up to two weeks in Tertiary / full-time courses 14 weeks or greater duration.

An extension of further study time (beyond the limits and extras stated above) will incur additional tuition fees – at our discretion. You will be charged a weekly study extension fee of $100.00 to cover our costs in the ongoing use of student facilities and staff time. This fee is payable by you on invoice up-front. This fee cannot be deferred to a loan or other payment option.

Factors we take into consideration when considering a request for an extension of study time, and the fees you will be charged, are:

  • your general engagement in the course to date;
  • whether you have reasonably complied with attendance requirements to date;
  • any significant and substantial personal circumstances, such as extended sick leave; and
  • any significant and substantial factors outside of your direct control, such as extended periods of poor weather and aircraft non-availability.


  1. A request for an extension of study time must be made in writing, using Form 022 Request for extension of study time – available on the student portal. This request must not be back-dated and must be submitted to our office on the day you sign and date the form.
  2. We will consider your request and provide details of our decision in writing, via email, within 7 days of receiving your request.
  3. Our decision is final and is not reviewable.
  4. If we do not accept your request, your enrolment in the course will cease on the final day of the course (plus the reasonable extra period of study time – as stated above). You cannot continue to attend or study the course beyond this date. Your enrolment status will be changed to ‘Completed – no attainment’ or ‘Completed- partial attainment’ – depending on your attainment of units within the course
  5. If we accept your request, we will issue you with an invoice for the additional tuition fees. This must be paid immediately. You cannot continue to study beyond the the final day of the course (plus the reasonable extra period of study time – as stated above) if the invoice has not been paid in full.