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Par Avion Flight Training


Kyle Rossendell – charter and tour pilot

I get to do this … for a job! It’s another perfect day over Shark Bay in Western Australia’s remote mid-north. The sky is a perfect azure blue, the Indian Ocean is a mesmerising aqua-blend, and the dazzling white of … Read More

Shane McMahon – Corporate Pilot

From zero to a business jet in three years Shane McMahon considers himself to be ‘lucky’ as he walks across the ramp at Sunshine Coast Airport to prepare for his next flight. Shane is currently training to fly the Beechcraft … Read More

Corey Hawkins – Grade One Flight Instructor

A look he’ll never forget Corey Hawkins remembers the look on the flight instructor’s face as he closed the door and walked away from the plane – leaving Corey to pilot his first ever solo flight. “He looked so happy, … Read More

Daphne Bleeker – charter and tourism pilot

A full-time career? Check! Flying had been on Daphne Bleeker’s horizon for years before she first took the plunge as a teenager. “I did my first trial flight in New Zealand while on holiday, and I thought that was pretty … Read More

Jonah Anderson – Par Avion charter and tourism line pilot

The best of both worlds For Jonah Anderson, the decision to move from Sydney to Hobart to begin his flight training at the age of 18 was an easy one to make. “The way the course was set up was … Read More

Jesse Hawtree – RFDS Aeromedical Line Pilot

Jesse Hawtree flies the King Air B200 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It’s a job he loves and the highlight of his career so far. My favourite types of flights are moving organ transplant recipients … they’re so happy … Read More